You need some help IF.....

* Feeding is frustrating for you or your baby

* Your baby seems hungry after breastfeeding

* You are supplementing

* Your nipples or breasts hurt during or after breastfeeding

* Your baby is slow to gain weight

* You have had breast surgery

* Your baby is premature

* You need to increase your milk supply or your baby's weight gain

* You would like to learn more about normal breastfeeding behavior.

* You have just had twins or multiple births.

I am not "In Network" with any insurance carriers, but I am accepted as a "Provider" with most. 
The Affordable Care Act mandates that breastfeeding counsel and supplies are covered in full as a practice of preventive care.  If an insurance company does not provide a Network of IBCLCs or their Network cannot handle all of the needs of clients, the clients will be reimbursed - using the Receipt which I will provide with the appropriate codes on it.